When in Philadelphia, do yourself a favour and get a cheesesteak sandwich! Today, I am happy to say, I did.

Our little group chose Reading Terminal Market for lunch. A busy and seemingly chaotic place to enter. If you want a table, you need to be alert and agressive.  Hover over other quests as they finish their last bites, and fight off the competition. In the end we managed to get a table for all six of us, and delegations where send out in search of the perfect meal.

Even though the line at Spataro’s was one of the longest, I was determined: I was not going to miss the cheesesteak! So I patiently waited my turn and ordered a cheesesteak with provolone, onions and hot peppers.

What I feared would be a greasy american extravaganza, actually turned out to be a rather simple, well prepared sandwich. Very tasty and lean.


The extravagancy came later when treating myself to some of the best ice cream I have had in the US: Bassetts dark chocolate and Cookies’n Cream