Blast From The Past – 2014

The perfect hangover food in Istanbul must be Sucuklu Yumarta. Basically it is Turkish sausage Sucuk and fried eggs, traditionally served in a cobber skillet. Various recipes  can include tomatoes, peppers, onions etc. but main ingredients are plain eggs and sausage.

It is the perfect combination of the sausages spices: cumin, garlic and pepper, and the eggs comforting milky, rich and smooth taste. An umami feast in all it’s decadence.

Fortunately for me the Sucuk sausage has been available in Copehagen for many years in my local Turkish stores. They all carry the same brand, so the variety is not big, but it is available and I like it.  I am just surprised that so few of the danes I encounter actually know about it.

So wether you are in Turkey or in your own neighbourhood, give the Sucuk Sausage a chance. It could actually save your sunday brunch.

And if I am not convincing you, just take a look at the cat begging for a bite at my feet…