Blast From The Past – 2013

In December 2013 I really needed to take a break, get away and see something completely different. So I decided to take a three week vacation alone in Goa, India. I had many very different experiences there, but the ultimate sanctuary was my first stop on the trip; The Blue Lagoon at Cola Beach…

Cola beach is a secluded sand beach at the end of a softwater lagoon. You get there by car, the last two kilometers are on rocky road and the last couple of hundred meters you walk on a path downhill until you get to your destination.

The beach has two resorts on either side of the lagoon, both offering huts and tents and both have a small restaurant.  And I was lucky enough that only a few other visitors where staying.

During the day, occasional turists arrive by boat, but they leave again before sunset. That is it!!! No vendors, beggars, holy cows. Completely peaceful and quiet.

I mostly ate curry’s and salads and occasionally had a Kingfisher beer to keep me company with my book at night. Every day I swam both in the sea and in the lagoon and I walked back and forth along the 1 km beach. I sent small messages home (the restaurant had WiFi) and other than that I just completely relaxed in the beautiful surroundings.

I believe that the beach also has a yoga retreat now and a couple of weeks there is now on my bucket list