So apart from a six hour overlay when I was a kid I visited  Paris for the first time. Apart from strolling by the seine and visiting the top of the Eiffel tower here is a couple of small tips.


You will not be disappointed by going shopping in the Marais quarter.  My favourite store was by far Fleux. With 3 different addresses on Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie you enter into lifestyle galore. Lamps, jewelry, plants, posters, vases, kitchenware, purses. Beautiful things and you want them all. This time I was seduced by a vinyl mat for my kitchen and a Macbook sleeve.  And I already know what to get next…


Entering into this store is like entering into another time. Every single bit of space from floor to ceiling is covered with beautiful kitchenware. Old men are sitting at descs in the back behind mountains of papers. I imagine that they are shipping orders to restaurant kitchens all over Paris in the same way that they have done the last 100 or so years. All items are tagged with an inventory number and if you are interested in knowing the price you need look up set number in reference sheets near the counter. If you like me are fan of the de Buyer pans you can get them at ridiculously low prices compared to the danish ones. But keep in mind that they weigh a bit in the suitcase.

Flea market

Although we arrived just before closing time the Vanves flea market lived up to all our hopes. Stall after stall with beautiful objects and reasonable pricing.  Between us we bought a stone sculpture, a crystal wine cooler and vintage fabrics. Maybe it was a good thing that most stalls where closed down when we arrived. The extra luggage cost might have made this an expensive visit.


 Surprisingly not all cakes in Paris are good. They all look good but some are more decorative than edible. But the bread and pastries at Boulangerie Heurtier fully lived up to my expectations.