Creating homemade artisan Marshmallows, is a quick and easy way to treat friends or colleagues and children of all ages.

All you need is:
120 gr.  pasteurized egg whites
500 gr. sugar
1 dl. water
10 sheets of gelatine
Mixed powdered sugar and potato flower or corn starch for coating.

And last but not least: Taste!!

I have experimented with different flavors throughout the years; A couple of drops of peppermint oil, vanilla, licorice powder and my new favourite pomegranate syrup.

Preparation is key

When you first start things are developing quickly, so start by prepping all tools and ingredients.

You will need a clean, grease free mixer. To be absolutely sure no residue grease is left in the bowl or on the whisk you can wipe both with paper-towel with a little bit of vinegar on it.

You will also need a sturdy pot to boil the sugar and a bowl of ice cold water to soften the gelatine sheets. Prepare a baking dish lined with cling film and keep your flavors and food color nearby.

Ready, set, go…

Start by soaking all 10 sheets of gelatine in the cold water and just leave it for later.  After this you start you mixer with the egg whites,

Put sugar and the 1 dl. water in the pot over medium high heat. If you have a sugar thermometer you cook the suger til you reach 110°C. If you don’t, just boil the sugar until the sugar grains are dissolved. You will need to stir the sugar gently, but be aware that you don not drag too much sugar up the sides of the pot as the sugar will crystalize.

When the sugar is ready gently poor it into the mixer while whisking full speed. At this point your soaked gelatine sheets are softened and ready to get dissolved in the warm hot marshmallow paste. Squeeze all excess water from the sheets and put in the mixing bowl one at a time.

Now you are ready to add flavour and foodcolor.

Keep mixing about 10 minutes until the marshmallow paste is fluffy and cooled down to the point where you thing it is sound to poor it on kling film.

Poor the paste into your baking dish, cower with kling film aaaannnd wait…

6 – 12 hours later

Now you are left with a sticky mess that can seem impossible to tame. First you need to cut your marshmallows into bitesize cubes. use a sharp knife soaked in hot water. When the knife becomes too sticky re-soak it and keep on. Coat the marshmallows in a mixture of powdered sugar and potato flower and now they are ready to serve.

Your marshmallow will keep in an airtight container at room temperature in a couple of weeks.