Every year I harvest lavender in my garden and create wands for my dresser and sock draws. I love the smell and apparently moths don’t, so it helps keep my clothes intact.

I learned to create these as a child, but apparently it is an old french tradition.

How to create a wand


You start by harvesting 14 flowers and strip all leaves of the stems.

You can use more or less flower but make sure that you weave with an odd number of units. I weave 2 stems at the time, so basically I am weaving with 7 units (1 unit = 2 stems). This might sound a little confusing at first, but once you try it a couple of times it will make sense.

img_3468Align all the flowers and bind them together just below the stems. I use approx. 1 meter of ribbon, but the length depends on the bulkiness of the flowers, how tight you weave and how much of a “tail” you wish on your end result.

img_3470Start the weaving by carefully bending down the first two stems over the ribbon.

img_3472Push the ribbon to the side and bend down the next two stem.

img_3476Keep on bending over and under the ribbon until you get all the stems down. From here you continue weaving until all flowers a covered. Keep it tight, as the flowers shrink when they dry and the wand can end up being too loosely weaved and might sprinkle dried flower bits.

At the end you simply tie a little knot, and voilà the wand is done.

If you feel the wand looses its scent after a while, simply give it a little squeeze and the wand is as good as new.