For the last three years my father has celebrated his birthday by inviting the entire family to Brazilian Churrasco Barbecue at Frederiksdal Fribad.


The concept is simple: Barbecued meats and fish, and a salad buffet. But they have catered for the details, using mostly organic ingredients and to be true to the concept they fly in Brazilian chefs to manage the grills.

The food is amazing! The meat and fish is tender and moist, and the salad buffet is something that you actually want to visit as much as the grill.

My family is large. We are usually about 20 people spanning over three generations, with loads of kids running around. But this venue is perfect for our crowd. The restaurant is placed on a beach by Furesø lake. Sitting outside, you actually have your toes in the sand. And there is plenty of green grass where the kids can run around. Not to mention that the lake itself is perfect for a cooling swim on a hot summers day.

So if you decide to go, which I highly recommend, go there early with a swimsuit and a bottle of wine for pre-dinner drinks…