Have you ever talked to a friend, colleague, or family members about traveling and they ask you for recommendations… ? The answer I often give is:

“Well, yeah, I actually ate at this fantastic place… It was like slightly east of the City Center… Or smack in the middle… Or far from anything… ”

I never remember adresses or names, but somehow I always remember the food I ate and the impressions it gave me. So this blog is a service to myself and my friends and family. So I am actually able to remember the specifics and recommend the experiences I have had travelling.

This will also have an effect on the posts I give you. If there are no new experiences you will not hear from me… But on the other hand, I will try to upload my past experiences just so I can update my archive.

I also have a bit of a creative gene and I will shamelessly boast of my talents here, because… Well, why not!

… And I love eating <3

Love from